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The Stars' Quinoa Ritual Set

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Our Golden Grain Bundle is the start of the show. Nativa SPA was featured at the music industry's biggest and most eagerly awaited awards ceremony with its award-winning Quinoa collection, which means guests and attendees will experience the ultimate whole care experience before (and after) taking the stage.

The best news? You can get the same bundle the stars were using and call it your own.

Scent: Warm, floral, with the perfect amount of sweetness, followed by notes of peony and a touch of comforting vanilla.

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Comes with:

Quinoa Firming Body Oil, 6.8 fl oz

Super-concentrated formula rich in omegas and nutrients providing deep nourishment, adding a layer of protection, and improving stretch marks. 

Quinoa Firming Body Lotion, 13.5 fl oz

Exclusive formula, enriched with 100% pure quinoa oil that provides concentrated nutrients, omegas and benefits visibly firming, and toning the skin while deeply nourishing it. 

Quinoa Firming Body Lotion Refill, 13.5 fl oz

Our lotion refills use 78% less plastic than the regular bottle, carrying the same. Exclusive formula enriched with 100% pure quinoa oil. THANK YOU for consciously considering this alternative!

Gua Sha Stone

A smooth-edged piece of quartz stone for Gua Sha massaging: an ancient practice from Eastern Asia that activates circulation and enlivens the skin with a natural glow.

Exclusive Nativa SPA Cotton Pouch


    The Quinoa Effect: Visible Results in 28 Days!

    Our patented formula captures Quinoa’s precious qualities in an 100% Pure Oil, booming in omegas, nutrients, and clinically proven results as:

    95% women agreed skin’s texture is substantially improved, softer, and brighter.

    91% women noticed skin more radiant and healthy in appearance.

    92% women noticed a moisturizing layer over the skin.

    Quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is considered a complete source of plant protein, its nutrition profile is uniquely robust, earning it the reputation of being a supergrain. But it doesn't just fuel your body. Through our patented extraction process, we capture the precious qualities of the golden grain for your skin in the form of 100% Pure Quinoa Oil: booming in omegas, nutrients, and benefits you can really feel. For your whole body, whole care, and whole being.

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