Limited Edition

A Recipe for Radiance

This limited-edition blend shines through the best of Strawberry. The superior nutrition of pure Quinoa Oil meets a lively boost of Vitamin C, sourced from the ruby-like fruit we all know and adore for its vivacity.

Strawberry Miracles

Besides being a huge source of Vitamin C (even more that the one we already know with a certain color orange), here are 3 other reasons why this nutrient is incredibly precious for healthy and youthful skin.

It brightens the skin

Vitamin C dims the dullness and dark spots to reveal the skin’s natural glow.

It juices up collagen production

The skin needs Vitamin C to make collagen! The more we get, the firmer the skin.

It’s super antioxidant

Vitamin C protects the skin from oxidative damage, keeping it youthful for longer.