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Our Whole Approach To Care

We don’t just nourish skin—we also nurture nature. From the clean ingredients we source (and how we source them) to the recycled and recyclable packaging we use, we consider the planet at every step. With Nativa SPA, every time you care for your body, you’ll be caring for the whole world too.


We believe each product should be as good for you and the earth as it is for your skin. 

— 100% Vegan, Cruelty-Free & Leaping Bunny-Certified

— EU Safety Standards

— Free from:




1.000+ toxins


All of our packaging follows the sustainable principles of reduce, reuse, and recycle.

— 100% PCR 

Our bottles are made from post-consumer recycled material to reduce waste.

— Compact Design 

Our innovative bottle shape minimizes plastic while maximizing the nourishment inside.

— Sustainable Refills

Our Moisturizing Lotion Refill Pouch uses 78% less plastic than traditional bottles.

— 100% Recyclable 

Our bottles and caps can be easily recycled curbside, while pumps, tubes, and refills can be recycled through our partner TerraCycle. (Request your free shipping label here)


We’re proud to be part of Boticário Group, one of Brazil’s largest and most-loved beauty companies.

A UN Global Pact member and guardian of its 12 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Boticário has been at the forefront of environmental and social responsibility for the past 30 years. With our #BeautyForTheFuture platform, we created 16 ambitious commitments to further our positive impact on people and the planet by 2030, from boosting biodiversity in 3.5 hectares of land to reducing waste by 150% to using 100% renewable electricity. You can learn more here.


To create our exquisite plant-based bodycare, we borrow ingredients from the earth.

We give back to it by passing 1% of our annual net revenue to planet-positive initiatives through the work of our parent brand's Foundation. 

The Foundation supports practical actions for conservation of species and ecosystems, as well as actions that implement effective public policies for the protection of biodiversity.

Find out more about the projects and impacts of Boticário Group Foundation here.


— Over 21,000 acres in privately-owned preserved area

— 1,600+ environment-focused initiatives supported

— 550+ protected areas

— 176 species discovered

— 300+ social projects supported

— 17 million people directly impacted

— + $20M donated per year