Nativa SPA



How to make the most out of your Nativa SPA products.

Discover new ideas and surprising ways to Make The Most Out of your routine with multi-benefits, in multi-ways.

  1. Golden Spoon for puffy eyes

    Instead of using it to scoop body scrubs and butters, leave the golden spoon in the fridge for 1 hour. Gently press it under your eyes for a few minutes to reduce and relieve puffiness.

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  1. Shea Body Lotion + Socks!

    Shea Body Lotion is already ultra-moisturizing on its own. But just try putting on socks right after slathering shea on your feet: they will lock the hydration in. You can say goodbye to cracked heels.

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  1. Rosé Oil for healthy nails

    We know that rose oil gives hair, body, and the face a natural glow. But it can also work wonders on cuticles, leaving them super soft and making nails stronger and more radiant.

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