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Nativa SPA Gua Sha Stone

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The Nativa SPA Black Obsidian Gua Sha for both face & body brings an ancient technique from Eastern Asia that has been passed on for centuries. By gently sliding it on areas of the body and face, this relaxing practice stimulates circulation, relieves tension, and activates the lymphatic system, leaving skin firmer, with a beautiful, natural glow.

Include a Gua Sha self-massage in your daily body care and feel the benefits of this wholesome ritual.

Step by step:

  1. Generously add body oil or body lotion to your hands, extending it to your whole body. An expert tip: to maximize radiant results, use Nativa SPA Bright and Radiant Rital Set.
  2. Hold the Gua Sha tool at a 45º angle on your skin and swipe repeatedly towards your heart. Apply pressure as comfortable as it feels to you.
  3. Swipe the back of your hands, in your palms, on your forearms, working your way up to your shoulders and neck. Focus on each area for a minute or two. You can spend more time in the areas where you feel more tension.
  4. For at least 1 hour after the ritual, avoid exercise and sun exposure and focus on the positive sensation all over your body.


    Our exclusive patented process enables the extraction of 100% pure quinoa oil from the grain, preserving its whole essence and nourishing properties. When ancient wisdom meets modern technology, we unlock superior care for your skin, body, and self.


    At Nativa SPA, we inspire a whole new kind of care. One that embraces every inch of your body through replenishing ingredients, rich textures, comforting scents, and conscious formulas that care both for you and the Earth.

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