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Ginseng & Caffeine Toning Body Oil

Real smoothing action with ginseng extract and bio-available caffeine

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A concentrated blend to smooth and nourish the skin. Energizing ginseng extract, bio-available caffeine, and pure Quinoa oil combine their natural super-qualities to leave the skin noticeably toned and refreshed. See real results in only 28 days.
Scent: Inspired by the wonders of Ayurveda medicine, this energizing fragrance brings facets of black pepper, cloves, and patchouli, followed by the creamy sweetness of Sandal wood.

  • Reduces orange-peel aspect and evens out skin texture
  • Boosts massage effectiveness in sculpting the silhouette
  • Deeply tones and energizes skin
  • Helps stimulate the skin and reduce cellulite
  • Made with nutrient-rich Quinoa oil
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    Arms Self-massage

    STEP 1
    Let’s start by spreading the Toning Body Oil on the skin.

    STEP 2
    Place one hand over the other and firmly make clockwise circular movements surrounding the belly button. Repeat this same movement 3 times.

    STEP 3
    Apply another dab of Toning Body Lotion around your waist. For 1 minute, use your fingers to give your abs a few light pinches all over.

    STEP 4
    With your hands wide open and fingers pointing downwards, move your palms from your ribs to the center of your abs. When you reach the belly button, move down toward your pelvis. Repeat this same movement for at least 1 minute.
  1. Glutes Self-massage

    STEP 1
    First things first: spread the Toning Body Oil evenly all over the thigh.

    STEP 2
    While the Oil is still fresh, make a firm upward movement on the glute by gliding your palms.

    STEP 3
    Now, repeat this movement 10 to 15 times.

    STEP 4
    Do the same on the other glute, and we’re done!

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