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Finding that morning energy boost?

Missing your bed and it’s only 10am? Try out these easy energy-boosting hacks in the morning to start your day feeling bright like the sun.



First things first: don’t hit snooze

Those extra 5 minutes won’t do you any favors. Researchers believe that fragmenting your last minutes of sleep will make you feel more tired than if you just got up at the first beep. Sounds impossible? Leave your alarm out of reach from the bed — you’ll have to get up to turn it off.



Drink a glass of water

Dehydration may actually be the cause of your morning sluggishness. Freshen up your body with a glass of fresh water to jumpstart your day. Even better if you increase your overall water intake.



Stretch, stretch, stretch

Imagine your muscles are paralyzed for 8 hours. This is what happens when you’re asleep. Reactivate them by taking a few minutes to stretch, or even practice some morning yoga. You’ll get those energy-rising endorphins flowing.



Don’t skip breakfast

Your body needs fuel to start the day. But not any kind of fuel: go for lean proteins, nuts, whole grains and lower-sugar fruits. These won’t leave you sluggish from heavy digestion or spike-and-drop blood sugar levels. So eat, and eat right.



Go outside

Sunlight signals the brain it’s time to be active, releasing a great deal of serotonin. The result: more daytime energy. If you can’t go outside, just looking out the window for a while does the trick.



Smell something amazing

Stimulating your senses is not only an effective way to feel more awake — it’s also quite enjoyable. Different scents have different effects on different people. So feel free to explore which fragrances work best for you.

Fragrances for every morning mood

Each Nativa SPA blend has a scent (and power) of its own. Discover them all and enhance your mornings through the senses.

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