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What does summer feel like?

The warm breeze. The bright sky. The long days, extending life outdoors until the last ray of sunshine. More than a season, summer is a feeling. Of abundance, enthusiasm, and existence. And we feel it radiate through our whole selves: mind, body, and soul.

This is summer’s greatest gift. And it inspires us to encourage body care that, like summer, isn’t just about beauty. It’s about feeling good in your own body.


Breathe the summer in:
Meditating doesn’t always have to be the “ohm” stereotype. The most important thing is to be mindful. Even if you’re just washing the dishes, or strolling around the block.

Choosing a scent to enhance your mindful moment has been proven effective (and also delicious) to stimulate the senses and help us stay in the here and now. Not to mention the qualities of the specific scent you choose — each aroma has its effect on the body.

Our secret to being mindful this season is our collection of Summer Sets. Each set combines different textures and scents in rituals that delight and entice the senses, helping us focus on the moment. All while nourishing the skin with noticeable benefits, from head to toe.

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Go with the flow:
Why not enjoy the hot weather to exercise in the water? Besides working out, it’s a refreshing and low-impact way to get your body in motion.

Jump in the ocean, river, lake or pool and let your body shine with these feel-good exercises:

Swim for 20 minutes:
Simple, but powerful. Keep your head in the moment as you feel all the muscles in your body working in perfect synchrony.

Walk in Water:
Start with the water at waist height. Stand tall, engage your core, keep your arms at your side (yes, in water), and always step with your heels first. Keep going for 5 to 10 minutes.

High-knee lift extensions:
With the water at waist height, raise your right knee to the level of the water. It should form a 90º angle. After a few seconds, extend the leg and hold. Lower the leg slowly, keeping it straight, until you reach starting position. Repeat with the left leg and alternate for 5 to 10 minutes.


“We are in a time of new suns”:
Change has never been comfortable for humankind. But today—maybe more than ever—we are in a place of opening many new paths and possibilities.

This is one of the many reflections shared between adrienne maree brown and Krista Tippett on this episode of the On Being show.

Created by Tippett, the On Being project is devoted to “pursuing deep thinking and moral imagination, social courage and joy, to renew inner life, outer life, and life together”.

Hit play and feed your soul with a deep dive in the ideas of meaningful change, visionary fiction, and organization as a way to create.

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