Caring Lotion for Caring Hands

When it comes to health care, it’s equally vital to remember and prioritize self-care, which is why we want to explore the best hand lotion for nurses.

Being a nurse is more than just another job.

It’s a calling to servanthood and helping others in their time of medical need.

There’s a reason so many nurses experience a sense of pride and fulfillment in their work. You have the opportunity to improve the lives of your patients and to be a positive impact in your community. From bedside care to comforting worried families and loved ones, being a nurse is about finding the best in humanity. 

But all of that care takes a physical toll. 

Whether it’s the late night in the hospital or back-to-back 12-hour shifts, being a nurse is demanding on your body. One of the most overlooked components is the health of your hands.

Constant washing and sanitizing will dry out all of the natural moisture in your hands, leading to cracked skin and discomfort. In fact, hand dermatitis is the most common dermatological disorder among nurses, due to the frequent washing of hands, use of disinfectants, exposure to medical-grade substances, wet conditions, and wearing rubber gloves.

In order to provide care for others, you need to prioritize self care. Sometimes the nurse needs to be nursed.

Nourishing your hands makes sure that you can continue to nourish and care for others. Hand lotion might sound simple, but it’s about more than simply nourishing your hands. It’s about caring for your whole body and being.

Best Hand Lotion for Nurses: Three Nurses Share Their Insights

We recently had the opportunity to speak with nurses in Nashville, TN, who were open to discussing self-care, skin care, and hand care.

Jessica R., a new RN, shares her experience as a nurse with a background as an athlete. “As a swimmer, I have always had to deal with dry skin,” she explains. “The chlorine always dried out my body, but that’s nothing compared to intently washing your hands at least a dozen times, if not way more, per shift.”

“It’s not just an aesthetic issue,” Jessica explains. “It’s about your comfort, too. If you’re distracted by cracked and blistered hands, then how can you be focused on the task at hand? How can you say you’re giving your best in patient care?”

Dry hands. Peeling skin. Cracked skin. 

These are issues that most nurses experience at least once or, in worst case scenarios, on a frequent basis.

Some nurses even get eczema, an inflammatory skin condition, as a result of dry, itchy skin. Jenni K., a nurse with a decade of experience, has personally dealt with eczema on her hands before.

“It’s embarrassing,” Jenni shares. “I mean, that isn’t the ‘look’ you’re going for when you want to take care of your patients. It’s important for all of us to protect our hands, because we need our hands to do our jobs.”

Finally, we had the opportunity to talk with a veteran nurse with over three decades of experience under her belt. “Prevention is key,” Flora V. says. “Whether you’re dealing with something as serious as heart disease or something as ‘simple’ as dry hands, prevention is everything.”

So that raises the question: what is the best hand cream for nurses?

The Best Hand Cream for Nurses

At Nativa SPA, our hand creams are filled with nourishing Quinoa oil concentrate that restore hydration and help protect skin from the elements.

Quinoa oil is the secret ingredient that sets our products apart as the best hand cream for nurses. There’s a reason that quinoa has been prized for a millennia, described by “the golden grain” by the Incas – and we have to agree!

Quinoa is rich in protein, fiber, healthy fats, and much more. But it’s not just the nutrition on the plate. This ancient grain’s power can nourish and empower the whole body, which is why it’s the key ingredient to our hand cream for nurses.

Another popular hand cream for nurses is Shea Ultra-Moisturizing Hand Cream. This deeply moisturizing formula includes healing Shea Butter, but what sets it apart is pure Quinoa Oil that restores the natural softness of the skin, helping improve skin texture and an evened-out tone.

Our hand cream is soft and spreads evenly when you massage it into your hands. For best results, we recommend reapplying after you wash your hands.

Consider some of the key benefits:

  • Nutrient-rich 100% Pure Quinoa Oil 
  • Rich in Omegas 3, 6, and 9 
  • Rich in Vitamin E 
  • 2x the nutrients of argan and almond oils   
  • Dermatologically tested

For nurses who suffer from excessively dry, cracking skin, you’ll want to choose a hand moisturizer for nurses that creates a protective barrier to moisturize and soothe your skin.

If you have normal or combination skin, you might want to consider regular hand lotion to keep your skin healthy and replenished.

What is a Good Hand Lotion for Nurses?

Before exploring the best hand lotion for nurses, let’s explore the differences between hand lotion and hand cream.

The consistency of hand cream is typically thicker and richer compared to that of lotion. The high oil percentage, in this case Quinoa Oil, is what gives hand creams their luxuriously smooth and rich feel. Nurses with extra dry hands, especially from regular washing, gloves, and ointments, will immediately feel the relief and nourishment that hand creams provide.

Lotion also provides essential nourishment and is perfect for nurses with normal or slightly dry skin. Because lotion is more readily absorbed by the body, your skin will feel supple and moisturized quickly.

At Nativa SPA, our hand lotion for nurses provides moisturizing care for caring hands.

Our products also care for the earth. Consider the benefits:

  • Recycled plastic
  • Vegan
  • Cruelty-free
  • Carbon neutral shipping
  • And 1% back to the planet

And after you’ve fallen in love with our lotion, our refills provide your lotion bottle with a second life, allowing you to take care of the earth as you care for your skin!