How To Create An Irresistible Body Care Ritual, With One Surprising Ingredient

by Devon Barrow

These days, as women, it seems like we do it all. From advancing our careers to running a family to staying on top of our own well-being (perhaps all of the above), every day presents a new to-do list as we endeavor to live our very best lives. But how often do we hit pause to nourish our whole body? Does moisturizing with a luxurious oil or lotion ever make the list?

The busy woman may be thinking "yeah, right…" But a body care routine has more to offer than we realize. As Americans, we tend to dismiss body care as indulgence. In other parts of the world, whole-body care is a way of life, connecting women to themselves, nature, and the planet. And no brand represents that like Nativa SPA, a Brazilian beauty company with products centered around one surprising ingredient: quinoa oil. Just now launching in the U.S., this brand comes as a reminder that our bodies are beautiful and worthy of a whole care ritual.


Did you say quinoa?

As it turns out, this golden grain is just as impressive in the kitchen as it is in our beauty routines. Quinoa oil is loaded with benefits, starting with the fact that compared to coconut, avocado, and almond oils, it's far richer in omegas, the healthy fats connected to healthy skin and supporting inflammation. It's also full of antioxidant protection like polyphenols and vitamin E, helping to combat wrinkles and inflammation. On top of these benefits, quinoa oil is deeply moisturizing and helps strengthen our skin barrier.

For its many properties, it's no wonder quinoa oil makes body care so irresistible. But how do we start harnessing these benefits ourselves? Nativa SPA offers a variety of quinoa-oil-based products to satisfy diverse body care needs. Whether you need firming, replenishing, or soothing—your whole body care ritual starts right here. 

A firming ritual.

Nativa SPA's Quinoa Firming line uses quinoa oil to help strengthen the skin barrier and help our skin hold on to hydration for a firmer, more radiant surface. To make the most of these products (currently available as a bundle!), start with a hot shower. Afterward, light a candle and take your time massaging with the Quinoa Firming Body Oil. Seal in the oil with the Quinoa Firming Body Lotion, enjoying the warm, floral fragrance. Keep the Quinoa Firming Hand Cream in your purse for a ritual on the go.

A replenishing ritual.

Nothing says self-care like the delicate and calming aroma of rose. The Nativa SPA Replenishing line combines quinoa oil, hyaluronic acid, and the natural extract of centifolia rose to hydrate and smooth all skin (including the face!) for a much-needed reset. To get the most out of this ritual, give your bathroom spa vibes with a vase of flowers and other beautiful objects, like crystals. After a shower or bath, apply the Rosé Replenishing Body Oil. Once it's slightly absorbed, seal in the moisture with the Rosé Replenishing Body Lotion. 

A soothing ritual.

Our skin is sensitive—one of the many reasons it deserves the care and attention of a ritual. The Nativa SPA Soothing line is all about comfort, featuring a body lotion, oil, and scrub all formulated with sustainably sourced Madagascar Vanilla. Full of antioxidants, these products soothe the skin while promoting our natural glow. To start off this ritual, start with a relaxing shower and your favorite calming playlist. Follow it with the NativaSPA Madagascar Vanilla Body Oil, and then seal in all the goodness with the Madagascar Vanilla Body Lotion.