Elevate Your Lymphatic Massage Game with Flavia Lanini

Get ready for an exclusive insight into the world of at-home lymphatic massages with Flavia Lanini, Nativa SPA's Brazilian massage expert. In this interview, Flavia addresses the biggest mistakes people make when applying the massage at home, reveals her techniques for a contoured effect, and walks us through a quick routine to lift the neck and chest area.

Common Mistakes in At-Home Lymphatic Massages, Especially on the Neck

“What are the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to practicing lymphatic massage at home, especially on the neck?”

The most common errors in at-home lymphatic massages involve applying excessive pressure, particularly on the neck and face. These areas lack substantial muscle and are more prone to damage due to the presence of delicate blood vessels. People often make mistakes in technique and equipment usage, especially when attempting facelifts. Another common error is the misconception that lifting the face is achieved by massaging upward; however, proper lymphatic drainage requires massaging downward.

Creating a Contoured Effect: Flavia's Techniques

“How do your lymphatic techniques create a contoured effect? Can it create a tighter-looking neck, too?”

During the facial massage, I initiate lymphatic drainage by using an aqua brush to wash the face. When removing water from the neck, I intentionally guide it downward, facilitating the drainage of lymphatic knots. This process visibly reduces inflammation, creating a contoured effect that makes the area appear smaller and tighter. Frequent application of this technique stimulates the production of fibroblasts, essential for collagen secretion, resulting in a renewed and firmer appearance.

Lifting the Neck and Chest Area: Flavia's Preferred Methods

“What are your favorite massage techniques to lift the neck and chest area? Could you walk me through a quick routine?"

My preferred method for face and neck lifting involves lymphatic drainage. This technique, massaging downward to eliminate excess water, promotes a firmer skin texture. I use hydrating creams and products from my line, such as the uplift, which, with its vibrating and roller features, enhances blood circulation and activates the lymphatic system. Additionally, the facial sculptor aids in defining the jawline for a refined facial appearance.

Best Times for Self-Administered Lymphatic Massages

“What's the best time to perform a lymphatic massage on yourself?"

The optimal time for a self-administered lymphatic massage is in the morning. Begin by applying creams and using tools with the correct techniques. A morning routine doesn't require much time; starting with washing your face using the Aqua brush initiates a lymphatic massage. Follow with toner, serum, and moisturizing cream, spending approximately 5 minutes on the massage. The second ideal time is at night, as part of your bedtime routine. After washing your face, applying toner, serum, and creams, engage in a quick lymphatic massage. For the nighttime routine, I recommend using the LED mascara from my product line and a hydrating paper mask. Leave the LED mask on for 10 minutes, remove everything, perform a small facial massage, and you're ready for bed. This daily routine ensures the benefits of lymphatic drainage.