What is Beautiful?

Beauty is getting a new look...

Beauty once used to be all about aesthetic. Those days are now gone.
The definition of Beauty today goes way beyond looks. Being beautiful is about being confident, being kind, being yourself. Beauty is about being true to who you are, from the inside out.


Beauty glows on every skin

From tones to textures, today we see more skin diversity than ever. Vitiligo, freckles, wrinkles and even acne have gained a place in the portrayal of beauty.


Beauty comes in all forms

The ideal of a perfect body is always shifting past the decades. But today, it embraces a much broader definition. All curves, shapes, and sizes are welcome.


Beauty is all around the world

Hijabs, traditional hair styles and clothing are making magazine covers like never before. Beauty is expanding beyond the white, blonde Western standard.


Beauty transcends gender

Trans and nonbinary beauty have been obscured for so long — but no more. Gender diversity is part of what beauty looks like today.


Beauty is ageless

Glowing silver hair and wrinkles can very well arouse admiration in today’s definition of ‘beautiful’. Every life stage has its own shine, its own value, its own beauty.

Beauty keeps reshaping itself because people and the world are always changing too. That’s the beauty of it.

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