Using Gua-Sha in 5 Different Ways

5 ways to use Gua-Sha for your whole body care. The benefits of this ancient technique can lighten your whole body. Come see how.

Gua-Sha for brighter arms & legs

Stroke the skin from the end of your wrists and ankles inward towards your heart. Work your way in short motions up to your shoulders and hips.

Gua-Sha for a youthful neck

Sweep from the collarbone up. Finish the movement with short pressing motions right under the jawline.

Gua-Sha for relaxing the back

You can do Gua-Sha all over the back. But if you’re alone, glide up the back of the neck until the hairline. Relieve tension with short pressing motions.

Gua-Sha for relieving the shoulders

Drag from the base of the neck downwards, towards each shoulder. Use shorter movements to relieve built-up tension.

Gua-Sha for a radiant chest

Drift from the center of the chest outward towards the shoulder. Repeat on the other side.

Gua-Sha brightens your bodycare rituals

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