Time to Unwind: let summer go gently

As summer starts winding down, we're entering a season of cozy comforts and quiet moments. It's time to bid farewell to laying by the pool and welcome warm blankets and soothing cups of tea. Here's how you can embrace the tranquility of the approaching season with Nativa SPA's favorite self-care routines, practical tips, and a dash of warmth and fun.

Cozy Essentials

When temperatures drop, all we seem to want is to get cozy. Unwinding from summer's rush can feel like you're missing out on things, but remember you also need to take some time for yourself, get re-energized and ready for the new challenges the season will bring. Among our trusty cozy essentials are: a soft blanket, silky pajamas, a warm cup of herbal tea and, of course, a comforting Nativa SPA Quinoa ritual.

Bathing in bliss

A warm bath is the ultimate way to unwind. To make it even better, make sure to elevate your bathing time with some dry-brushing, exfoliating and self-massage. Nativa SPA's dry brush, gua sha and the Madagascar Vanilla body scrub are the perfect allies to create the most blissful bath of all.

Creating your own rituals

Tidying up after a well-spent summer vacation feels like heaven, doesn't it? Well, unwinding should feel just the same. Setting up your new schedule for the months ahead is important, and making sure you have set aside some time for yourself when you're back to work and study is even more crucial. The good news is that with Nativa Spa, you can create your rituals your own way: long and vibey, quick and joyful, luxe and glamorous, simple and effective. You name it.

As summer fades into the background, make the most of this transition by embracing the comfort and quiet of the upcoming season. With Nativa SPA's products and these practical tips, you'll be ready to welcome the coziness with open arms. So, grab that cup of tea, snuggle up, and enjoy the simple pleasures that this new time of year brings.