Short Rituals that can do Wonders

Check out a few easy rituals that can work wonders.

Ritual #1

Enjoy mornings

The sun comes up a little earlier in this time of year. So get out of bed a little earlier too and make some time just for yourself. Dry brush in the morning and jumpstart your day with our Energize & Tone set.

Ritual #2

Go outside

Take a walk around the block (or get creative with new routes) to enjoy the summer weather and get mood-boosting hormones flowing. Take a water bottle with you! The Ultimate Body Oil Set will keep your skin moisturized even if you sweat.

Ritual #3

Make shower time a moment

Include body oils, scrubs, and music (why not?) in the most refreshing time of the day to nourish both your body and mind. Our Smooth & Soothe Set comes with body oil, body scrub and a dry brush!

Ritual #4

Take an afternoon break

Take 15 minutes of your day to pour yourself a refreshing cup of ice tea or juice and mindfully apply some moisturizer to your hands, arms and legs. Enjoy the feeling. With our Mini Summer Essentials Set, you can choose any blend you feel like.

Do you have any short rituals of your own? Share them with us!