Earth Day: It all starts with us

It all starts with us

At Nativa SPA, our whole-hearted mission is to care for Earth as well as we care for ourselves. Through sustainable practices that are rooted in love, gratitude and respect towards our planet, we prioritize clean formulas, ethically sourced ingredients, thoughtful packaging, and carbon-free shipping, considering Earth every step of the way, everyday.

As a community that values sustainable self-care, we understand that switching the course of our home planet's future is in our hands. By making more conscious decisions and sustainable choices, Earth has a better chance of thriving for a long time. And so have we. Here are 5 easy, instant steps you can take to start living by that.

1: Consciousness

Choosing better and more consciously is key to switch the mindset of waste into one of care. And this comes way earlier than much more complex decisions like changing your diet or limiting off certain aspects of your everyday life. Conscious choices start with the self-awareness that even though you won't change the world by yourself, in the long run and bigger picture, we can transform reality.

2: Buying responsibly

In a world filled with brands, it is important to pick which one to trust and buy from very carefully. When choosing to buy a product – from hygiene, to fashion and beauty – seek to discover their beliefs, production processes, how they treat and compensate their employees and so on. By putting your money into a trustworthy, conscious brand, you have the power to make it grow both in quantity and quality.

3: Reuse, recycle, reduce

Whenever possible – and nowadays it almost always is – make sure to apply the method of reusing, recycling and reducing your waste. By reusing packages with refills, for example, you reduce the amount of hard plastic put into the world. And by using the services of companies like TerraCycle, our long-time partner, you can ship bottles, caps and tubes for FREE so they can be recycled.

4: Focus on ingredients

Never underestimate the power of ingredients. Make sure to do your homework and research what formulas are less or not at all harmful for the environment. Read the fine lines and prioritize natural, plant-based and ethically sourced ingredients whenever possible.

5: Care for yourself and the environment

Taking care of yourself does not necessarily mean you'll need to neglect taking care of the planet. On the contrary! Caring for ourselves IS caring for Earth, and vice versa. When you're kind to yourself and others, you star a chain of respect, compassion and consciousness that will certainly help in the understanding of Earth as a precious resource, our very own home and something to be thankful for and taken care of.