Brazilian Summer Tips

As an expert in both beauty AND summer, Brazil has a lot to share when it comes to body care in the hottest season of the year. For quick inspiration, check out our Summer Page ✨ 

Selfcare in the sun

Beach and the pool are also places to take care of yourself.
While basking in the sun on the sand or poolside, hydrate your hair with oil or cream. We love this because you relax and take care of yourself at the same time.

Our Secret: Rosé Oil.

Pack the essentials

We spend lots of time outdoors in the summer, until the last ray of sun. Like us, always take a few bodycare essentials with you, to protect and nourish your skin out there.

Our Secret: Starter Set.

Deep Hydration

You can find coconut water everywhere in Brazil during summertime. Besides super hydrating and refreshing, it is full of minerals that replenish the body.

For your skin, we have a secret 30x more powerful than that: Quinoa Oil.

Give yourself a massage

We Brazilians love massaging all year, but especially in the summer. This is when we most see our bodycare results, right? Massaging gives them a boost — besides feeling great, of course.

Our Secret: Toning Ritual Set.