Body Talk

Your body is telling you something.
Every moment, it’s responding to how you nourish it.
To how you let it breathe. To how you move, how you rest.
Your body is responding to how you care for it.

Care is only whole when there’s dialogue.
When you tune in to what your body needs. Day after day.
Trust us: it will always be expressing itself.
All you have to do is listen.
It’s time to Body Talk.


What is Body Talk?

Body Talk is a whole new way to care for your body.

Think of bodycare as a conversation: it should always go both ways. You listen to the signals of your body, and nourish it with the right care in return. Use your senses to feel how it reacts to the care you give it. Then respond.

Why is Body Talk important?

We believe in Whole Care: for your skin, mind, body, and self.

When we engage in Body Talk, we’re doing our skin a favor by taking notice of exactly what it needs. But even more than that: we’re acknowledging that every part of our body is interrelated and communicating.

To wholly care for the part, we must care for it as a whole.


How can we listen?

You communicate with the world through your senses. With your body too.

Be mindful of your body, from head to toe. Observe its tones, notice its glow, feel its texture. How would you describe it? How is it different than yesterday? Be curious. Perceive its patterns. Everything will fall into place. 

5 ways to Body Talk

1 — Put it into words

Our body doesn’t use words, but translating what it says helps us understand. Describe what you see, touch, and feel on your body, in your own words.

2 — Make it a habit

Some messages become clearer after days or weeks of body talking. You could even keep a diary or a log, if it helps you remember, compare and observe.

3 — Ask questions

Asking what, why, how, and when are all great ways to get the conversation flowing. Take interest in what you notice: get to their roots, explore all their angles.

4 — See the whole

Context is key in any conversation. Link what your body is saying with everything else that’s been going on in your life and routine. It just might make perfect sense.

5 — It’s your turn

It takes two to keep the convo alive. Based on what you took in, draw a conclusion about what your bodycare might be calling for. Try it. And keep listening!