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11 Best and Most Creative Gifts for Vegan Runners

Running is one of the fastest and healthiest ways to connect with your inner self as well as nature. It’s no wonder, then, that so many vegans pick-up running as their sport of choice.

There’s a thrill you feel as you put on your running shoes and face the road ahead. There’s a sense of community when you participate in a race or meet up with the local running group. 

If you are looking for gifts for a vegan runner or are a vegan runner yourself,you've come to the right place! 

Whether it's for an upcoming race, birthday, the holidays, or simply a gift to say, "I love you," we have gift ideas that any vegan runner will love!


#1: Vegan Body Lotion

It's not uncommon for runners to suffer from dry skin.

From running outside in harsh winter air to taking showers after every workout, runners are often left with dry skin, which can lead to chafing. 

Fortunately, there are many ways to moisturize your body without using animal based products. One of the easiest ways to do this is by using vegan body lotion.

Quinoa oil is not only vegan, it is 30 times more efficient than other ingredients such as coconut oil, 4x more than avocado oil, and 2x more than almond oil. This is why the Incas considered it sacred, calling it the “golden grain.” Quinoa oil is the key ingredient in every Nativa SPA product, including body lotions, which nourish and protect the skin against the elements. 


In addition to selling premium vegan body lotion at a fair price, Nativa SPA is quickly becoming known as a vegan friendly company in the beauty space. Consider the benefits:

  • Recycled plastic
  • Cruelty free lotions
  • Carbon neutral shipping
  • 1% back to the planet
  • Refills for all vegan body lotion products

Rest assured that all of Nativa SPA's body lotions would make the perfect gift for any vegan runner. Better yet, every product features the golden grain to nourish and empower the whole body. 


#2: Moisture Wicking Shirts

Every runner is unique. They all have their own training plans, running schedules, and favorite pair of running shoes. 

Some prefer running road races while others are trail runners or ultra marathon participants. 

Regardless of all these differences in runner preference, there is one area where all of them can agree: moisture wicking shirts are better than cotton shirts.


Moisture wicking shirts pull sweat away from your skin and into the fabric, keeping you cool and comfortable during long runs.

In fact, according to research published in the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine, moisture wicking shirts may even improve performance.

Not only does moisture wicking technology allow runners to stay cooler and more comfortable during longer runs, but it also helps prevent chafing and blisters.

Cotton shirts, on the other hand, become heavy because they absorb sweat. Unlike moisture wicking shirts, sweat doesn't evaporate quickly from cotton material. As a result, they can weigh down runners and cause friction between the shirt and skin.

If you're looking for a great gift idea for a vegan runner, consider giving them a moisture wicking shirt!


#3: A Sports Massage

Gifts for vegan runners don't necessarily have to be a product. 

A gift can be an experience as well.

Try scheduling a sports massage for the vegan runner in your life. Many places will even allow you to purchase a gift card so the recipient can schedule the massage at their convenience. 

A sports massage is different from relaxation massages because it focuses on deep tissues and muscles used during running. This type of massage will increase blood flow to the areas being worked on, helping reduce soreness and inflammation.

It can also improve flexibility and range of motion, making it easier for runners to move through their daily activities.

Why would a vegan runner love a sports massage?

  • Massages are an excellent tool for injury prevention.
  • They are a relaxing reward after the hard work of physical training.
  • They help with recovery by increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage.

Remember, there's a reason top athletes such as Olympic runners regularly treat themselves to a sports massage from a qualified therapist!


#4: A Whole At-Home Spa Experience

If you like the idea of a sports massage but want your gift to last longer, then you might want to try the Shea Butter Ritual for a complete ultra moisturizing experience. 

Shea hand cream will keep the hands smooth and nourished. The Shea body butter provides a rich nourishing texture that moisturizes your entire body. Finally, the Shea body lotion is soft to the touch and is all you need for a healthy look and feel.

After the physical rigors of a long, tiring run, nothing feels better than being under a warm shower as you finally relax and reward yourself for a job well done. An at-home spa kit is a gift that most runners need, but might overlook for themselves, so treat your friends and loved ones to a relaxing and nourishing ritual.

Shea butter is extracted from the African Shea Tree and is prized for its ability to restore softness, evenize texture, and deeply moisturize the skin. For superior results, Nativa SPA blends nutrient-rich Shea butter and 100% pure Quinoa oil to enrich and protect the skin.


Included in the Shea ritual are:

  • Nativa SPA Shea Body Butter
  • Nativa SPA Shea Hand Cream
  • Nativa SPA Shea Body Lotion


#5: Vegan Cooking Classes

Cooking classes are fun, but the traditional cooking class is typically not vegan friendly. Generally speaking, cooking classes are trying to appeal to a broad audience base, so classes tend to include a wide variety of ingredients, including meat and dairy products.

This is especially true if you live in a smaller city or more rural area. 

Fortunately, thanks to the internet, you can now participate in online cooking classes all over the country!

One of the best gifts for vegan runners is to buy them a pass to an online vegan cooking class. 

You'll typically have the option between gifting a one-time class or a "course" (typically 4 weeks or 6 weeks) that includes multiple vegan cooking classes.


This is an excellent gift because not only is it a fun experience, but your friend will also learn some useful skills in the kitchen! Furthermore, vegan runners and athletes are very conscientious about what they consume, so this will empower them to nourish themselves with new, fun, and delicious recipes. 

If vegan cooking classes are too expensive, then you might want to consider a vegan cookbook. Specifically, try to find a vegan cookbook that is designed with runners or athletes in mind.

Remember, whether your friend or loved one is a vegan trail runner, recreational runner, or road race runner, chances are that they are intentional with how they fuel their body. Running requires a lot of energy (calories), so athletes at every level want to eat meals that help them fuel and prepare for their next workout!


#6: Show Up At A Race!

Vegan runners and vegan trail runners look for races all year round.

One of the neat aspects of running is that it is not necessarily about the competition. Yes, some runners are competing to win a race, but the reality is most runners are competing against themselves.

In the running community, this is what is known as a "PR" (personal record) or a "PB" (personal best).

It doesn't matter how long your friend has been running. Odds are that he or she has a goal in mind. In some cases, it might be as simple as setting a PR or PB. In other cases, it might be as ambitious as qualifying for the Boston Marathon. 

If you are looking at gifts for vegan runners but nothing sticks out, then consider showing up to your loved one's next race and supporting them with a sign.

They'll appreciate that you took the time to show up to the race, and they'll feel energized once they see you cheering them within the crowd.

All you need to make a sign is a permanent marker and a poster board or cardboard.

Some popular signs include:

  • "You thought they said RUM, didn't you?!"
  • "Smile! You paid for this."
  • "You look HOT."
  • "Pain is temporary; race results are online forever."
  • "If you want a ride home, run faster. I am leaving soon."
  • "I stayed up all night making this sign."
  • "If it were easy, I would do it!"

Funny signs are always a positive hit at big races. Of course, feel free to personalize the sign with the name of your friend or loved one!


#7: Luxury Body Oil

While lotion helps moisturize skin, body oil provides nourishment to the skin. The difference between these two products is that lotions go on top of the skin while oils penetrate deep into the layers of the epidermis.

Body oils are great for athletes because they provide nutrients and moisture to dry areas like elbows and knees. They also work well for people who have oily skin.

In fact, some athletes might even prefer body oil over lotion. Why? Because vegan body oil can feel lighter compared to lotion, which can sometimes be described as "thick" or "creamy." During the summer months when temperatures and humidity is much higher, it's not uncommon for athletes to prioritize body oil in their skin care regimen.


So how does body oil work?

It works by penetrating the skin and absorbing into the cells. This allows the oil to deliver nutrition directly to the cells. Your skin will absorb the oil and use it to protect itself against environmental toxins and bacteria.

The most popular vegan body oils on the market are:

These oils are rich in antioxidants. They boast a soothing texture and fragrance as well as an intense moisturizing effect.

Vegan body oils are an excellent standalone gift for vegan runners, though you can also make your own self-care gift basket and include them!


Unique Gift Idea #9: Gift Cards

Gifts for vegan runners can be tricky.


Because most runners have a routine. They know what shoes they like, what workout brands they like, and what food they like to fuel their body with.

You want to give the vegan runner in your life a gift they'll actually use.

The best way to ensure this is by gifting a gift card! This way, your loved one can purchase whatever they want or need. 

Here's where you can get creative: instead of getting a gift card to a big name store, try being intentional about where you get the gift card.

Specifically, if you're getting a gift for a vegan runner, then purchase a gift card from a company that focuses on vegan and ethical products. 

At Nativa SPA, we offer gift cards at:

The vegan runner in your life is sure to love our vegan body care products! Our products are crafted in Brazil and we invest in carbon neutral shipping. As if that's not enough, we can guarantee that all of our products are cruelty free, vegan, and are packaged in recycled plastic. Finally, we donate 1% back to the planet, as we are committed to sustainability and a greener world for generations to come.


#10: Nativa SPA Starter Kit

Before you can fully love and appreciate others, you have to love yourself.

That’s exactly what makes the Nativa SPA Starter Kit such a meaningful gift for vegan runners.

After countless arduous and physically demanding workouts, runners want to relax and unwind. Nourishing the body is a reward that runners look forward to after tough workouts and challenging races. While this nourishment usually comes in the form of food and beverage, it’s just as important to nourish the skin and indulge the senses with luxury body care products that are not only vegan, but sustainable as well. 


By gifting the Nativa SPA Starter Kit, you are reminding the vegan runners in your life that they need to take care of themselves and prioritize their body.

Our starter kit brings together the entire Nativa SPA experience, allowing the recipient to experience the best body care products and discover the best match for their wants and needs.

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